Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It takes a village to raise a concert...

We're always looking for ways to make our concerts for causes unique. Although we will always have
 the theme of music, food and contribution we love creating something different. Our intention for our July 22nd event was a community event....and THAT is exactly what we got. The below list features local business, musicians from near and far and amazing volunteers that created our event and made it magical. Vallie, Cat and I are always shocked when we see it all come together so nicely. We are completely honored that you support our vision of concerts for causes. Thank you Whole Foods Market Encinitas for hosting our hearts

JDO Production Layout & Design
Beyond Insight
JB Human Design
FroYo Yogurt
Sincera Natural Skincare
Fabrika Monet
Perfect Bite Bakers
Surfrider Foundation
West Coast Coffee Roasters
Lollipop Face and Body Art
Champagne Skin Lounge
Think Thin
Bliss 101
Art n Soul on 101
Casa Nova Lovin' Equipment Rental

And let's not forget the beautiful sounds of our musicians...
Luc & The Lovingtons
Parker Ainsworth
The Yes Team

Hey and what about those beautiful volunteers!!!
Thank you, without YOU it would have been a mess.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts to the tip top of our souls.

In love, creation and abundance,
Melissa, Cat & Vallie
Fans of you

PS more photos to come...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic ~ by Betsy Denhart

Hi friends...yeah, we're excited to bring on our first guest blogger...our dear friend Betsy. Take it away Betsy....


I am a big believer in everyday magic.  It’s partly because I don’t want to try to understand how things work, but mostly because it’s so reassuring to just have faith.
Plus it’s a fun way to look at the world. 

I mean, no one can argue that iPods aren’t magic.  But take simpler things, too.  I don’t care how a washing machine works, and I don’t want to think about it.  You put in dirty clothes.  You take out clean clothes. Magic!  And airplanes?!  You get on the plane in San Diego and they close the door.  You read a book, sleep a little, try to figure out what’s in the sandwich they give you (or sell you).  Then they open the door and there’sNew York!  Total magic!

That’s why I was unsure about volunteering with Feeding the Soul.  Their events are really, truly magical.  Just the way I like things.  Buy a ticket, show up, have a wonderful experience, go home feeling better about the world and the people in it.  If I volunteered, and learned what goes on behind the scenes, would that ruin the illusion?  That’s a lot give up….

In the end, I had no choice.  I ate so many peanut butter cookies at the volunteer recruitment meeting that I had to help out, or suffer the ill effects of karmic deficit spending.

So once again I followed my little sister’s lead, and signed up to help out with merchandise sales at the concert benefiting The Junior Seau Foundation. 

I arrived early enough to experience the last bits of set-up.  I saw the pastries in their metal pans, before they donned their frilly white paper shells or got cut into elegant shapes.  I saw the more experienced volunteers pulling everything together, checking last minute details.  I saw the musicians as mortals.  And I saw myself as part of it.

And guess what?  It didn’t ruin anything!  It just expanded the whole event for me, talking to so many people who were also experiencing the soul-feeding that goes on at these things.  Everyone was so enthusiastic that even brief conversations felt like real connections.  Networking for the soul!

The illusion was dispelled, yes, because it turns out there is no illusion.  Just magic.

Come join us Sunday, July 22nd @ Whole Foods Market in Encinitas for a FREEEEE Concert!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Junior Seau Foundation

Our community lost a dear friend and leader on May 2.
Junior Seau was an amazing man and a wonderful contributor to our souls.

Cat, Vallie and I spent many days loving him with coffee, margaritas and laughter.

I would often question Junior about his foundation...Junior Seau Foundation...because I loved all the unique events they created to benefit children in the SD area. My favorite was the Shop with a Jock event where, in 2011, 250 under privileged children received $100 gift card from the foundation to shop for gifts for their loved ones. The foundation's intention was to inspire giving rather than receiving for the holidays. I remember sitting at the bar at Jitters while he was telling me about this event. His face lit up as he talked about the kids getting paired up with a professional athlete and then buying items for mom & dad. I might have even seen a little tear. Yep. I did.

We had other talks of things he wanted to do with the foundation and those conversations are held close to my heart knowing that at any time I can honor my friend by doing one of his brilliant ideas of contribution.

Feeding the Soul is honored to host a night to benefit the Junior Seau Foundation in memory of our BIG HEARTED friend "June".

Please join us with wonderful music by The Lovebirds and Tom Bradley at Jitters on Friday, June 8.
If you're not able to join us you can always donate directly to the Junior Seau Foundation.

Let's celebrate!!!

In love, laugher, music annnnnnd margaritas,
Feeding the Soul Team Member

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Angel Faces & Our Birthday Show!

About a year ago I heard of this wonderful foundation that provides healing retreats and ongoing support for adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries. I was instantly inspired. It's funny how once something is brought to your attention it suddenly shows up everywhere you look. I began hearing about Angel Faces everywhere! Then when I researching them even more I discovered their home base was just a few blocks from me in Encinitas! Ahhhh...the pieces fit so nicely.

Founded in 2003, Angel Faces was created to transform the lives of adolescent girls with severe, permanent facial burns and disfigurements. The Founder/CEO, Lesia Cartelli, endured a serious burn injury over 50% of her face and body at age 9 from a natural gas explosion at her Grandparents. She has personally experienced the challenges these ladies face.

Angel Faces Retreats are held once a year in Southern California for girls ages 11-19....and they come from all over the US and occasionally from Mexico, Canada and Europe. Seven days of tools to help with self-cofidence, self-image, bullying and all the while embracing their true beauty! They are now accepting applications for their June 2012 retreat!

I love the whole concept of giving these beautiful girls space to be themselves annnd learning skills to highlight the true beauty inside and out.

Once we presented this foundation to the rest of the committee (after tears of joy) it seemed only natural to have them be our birthday beneficiary! We will be raising scholarships March 24th at our Birthday Event for their next retreat.
Thank you Angel Faces for touching our hearts with compassion and kindness....and soooooo much inspiration!

2011 Retreat
Please visit Angel Faces site to see how you can help!

And yes, I said BIRTHDAY EVENT!!!
That's right friends! Feeding the Soul is turning 2 and we're ready to celebrate with YOU!
This will be our 40th event in 2 years. Yep. We're just that crazy. And we just can't wait to do more...

Please join us for music, laughter, treats annnnnd cake as we celebrate being 2!

In love & contribution,
Melissa, Cat and Vallie

Sunday, January 8, 2012

KFTS Radio Show Video of Celebration

The best part about having a creative community is meeting new artists that create amazing things.
Shaun of Boyte Creative was introduced to us by our dear friend Paul Cannon. Loving his work, we invited him to document our December 17th KFTS Radio Show. He captured the fun and magic of the night and everything Feeding the Soul stands for.
Enjoy this amazing video by Boyte Creative...

Feeding the Soul presents KFTS Radio Show December 17, 2011

Boyte Creative Blog

Thank you Shaun!!!
Mel, Vallie & Cat

Sunday, December 25, 2011

KFTS Radio Show + Gratitude = Us

We're still on a natural high from our FTSF Variety show last Saturday, December 17th.
When we started the process of creating the event we had no idea what it would look like.
We knew it was time to celebrate. The KFTS Variety Show was our 39th event and it was time to bring together musicians, food, foundations and friends that have been supporting us for the first time or the thirty-ninth time....yes indeed, it was time to celebrate.

And it looked a little something like this...

Words cannot explain the feelings Cat, Vallie & I have the day after an event. Happiness, bitter sweet sorrow, excitement, inspiration, love...well, I guess those are just a few...but mostly gratitude. We're grateful that we can coordinate an event that brings all of us together in laughter, music, food and celebration.
We couldn't do any of this without YOU friends - old and new - so from the bottom of our hearts to the top of our souls....THANK YOU for showing up and supporting musicians, restaurants, venues, artists, locals, worthy foundations and Feeding the Soul.

Happy Holidays from our soul to yours,
Cat, Vallie and Mel

View some photos by Natalie Warr Photography here.

Thank you to our sponsors!!!
Harney's Sushi, Oceanside
Neuroscience Institute Performing Arts Program
Redfearn & Associates
Olive PR Solutions
SuperFood Drive
Jitters Coffee Pub, Oceanside
West Coast Coffee
Bitchin' Sauce
California Avocado Grill, Escondido
Nika Water
Anita's, Oceanside
Flying Pig, Oceanside
Twisted Oak Winery, Murphy's California

Thank you to our amazing photo and video volunteers who make us look good...
Natalie Warr Photography
Boyte Creative

And a HUUUUUUGE thank you to our iPods...and the sound tracks to our hearts...
Broadway West - where kids explore the love of the arts
Voices of Prayze
Bob Taylor, Andy Powers & Todd Cooper
Jack Tempchin
The Makepeace Brothers
Jessie Payo
Raining Jane
Our hilllllarious host Justin Willman


Thursday, March 31, 2011

March events...wooowza!

Wow friends! I am completely amazed at how much fun we had at our March events! THANK YOU for helping create these two very special nights of community and THAT is creative generosity at its finest.

Our Raining Jane show at Linksoul Lab created 4.5 scholarships for the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls, LA. That means 4 girls will be able to enjoy a week of empowerment through music education....annnnd get to spend time with 4 of the most ammmazing women I have ever met.
Thank you Becky, Chaska, Mai and Mona for allowing us to contribute to such a great organization and for bringing sooo much love and fun to Oceanside! We love Raining Jane!

Thank you to our dear friend...and global do-gooder Jason Mraz (and Toca too) for bringing your beautiful energy and songs...what a wonderful surprise!!! We love you so.

Another wonderful surprise...LIVE ART by our dear friend Jon Marro. Jon is an inspiring friend with so much creativity....thank you Jon for sharing it with us and for always being love. Jon's art was auctioned off and help raise an additional $1,000 for the scholarships. Amazing.

And to all our Raining Jane much gratitude to YOU and your love and support!!!

Now let's talk Nutrition Awareness CELEBRATION with the Makepeace Brothers and Matty & Avasa!!!
Our dear friends at SuperFood Drive inspired us to have our own food drive and bring music, healthy foods and art together. As the day came together (before the doors opened) I knew this event was going to be high energy and fun. It's rare you get a glimpse behind the scenes where Vallie & I go shopping with a $200 gift donated by Jimbos, SuperFood-ers and Colin AND Vallie prepare food for 100+ attendees, I work on the raffle coordination, Ruthi runs around picking up donations for the raffle, sound check fills the empty venue with harmony, our volunteer friends Natalie, Nicolle, Philly & Allie come early to help me in my state of frenzy and Cat runs off to pick up last minute equipment in the hills of much many wonderful volunteers...all come together to create an unforgettable night with YOU!

How about the Love Couple...Matty & Avasa Love...beautiful!!! What an honor to help spread their music to our Oceanside community.

Again we were blessed to have more Live Art! Thank you to our SUPERFRIEND Jason! His masterpiece helped raise an additional $800 for SuperFood Drive which helps with 3,200 meals to those in need. YES!

The Makepeace Brother's energy is amazing. They give us songs that make us think, dance, give thanks and support our heroes. I have been a fan for years and support their messages through their music. There is something about their sound that gives me the comfy feeling of home...the music I listen to as a child with my family full of musicians. I am so honored to have created this night with them. I love you guys!

Way to dance friends!!!

To sum up our month of contribution during our 12-months of giving...YOU helped gift $1,860.00 to the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls, LA annnnd $1,760.00 (7,200 meals) to SuperFood Drive as well as 304lbs (250 meals) of healthy food to North County's Food Bank...not bad for 2 nights of music and fun huh?
Let's do this again sometime shall we?

So to all the friends, family, sponsors, volunteers, dancers, singers, artists, restaurants, organizations and do-gooders....THANK YOU for being a part of our very special March.
Much love and gratitude,
~ Melissa and Team FTSF ~

A special thanks to Linksoul Lab, Olive PR Solutions, Nika Water, Natalie Warr Photography, Kindred Journey, The Naked Cafe, Creme of the Crop, Gina & Michael's Blown Glass, Jitters Coffee Pub, Stone Brewery, Spoken Glass, Chuao Chocolates, Jimbo's...Naturally, Sushi by Colin, Jennifer Cupcake and Redfearn & Associates. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!