Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uplifting the dignity of those we serve

As I climb into bed tonight I am reminded how grateful I am for my partner Clayton. He is my best friend, lover, boyfriend, coworker and coconspirator in life.  As he sleeps next to our very small faced 18 pound cat Bella, breathing rhythmically all warm and dreamy I smile and am aware again how truly blessed we are. In knowing this we live a life of service to our families our community and customers. It’s been 14 transformational years and it only gets better as we get older. I feel like we have an advantage because of the model my parents have been to us.

Tomorrow is my parents 50 wedding anniversary. I am amazed at life and how we need to choose all of it, the good the bad and everything in between. My mother and father have had an incredible run at it, successful in all aspects. They have the family, home, careers, travel, love, passion, growth, loss, laughter, anger, challenges, peace and happiness. I believe this is called marriage you know for better or worse, richer or poorer in sickness and in health. I think it goes something like that.

Their roles changed when my mother was diagnosed two years ago with Lewy Bodies Dementia, their lives altering forever. But falling off the horse they both rallied and got back in the saddle together and carried on.  She let him take care of her knowing what the conclusion would be surrendering to have help, support and assistance at all times. My dad yielding to the idea that for once in his life he can’t make something better of fix it. With no regrets and resentment they live day to day. My mother’s disease progresses and she has lost all use of her body and speech they still continue to uplift each other by really cherishing the time they get to share everyday. My mother if asked would never of course want to be in this situation, there is no dignity one might say in being feed, changed, bathed and cared for. But that’s not true not even a little. To be of services is the most gratifying form of love. And being witness to this has made my life miraculous.

This month the Feeding The Soul Foundation is sponsoring Brother Benno’s Soup Kitchen. They are a true example of service and their motto is uplifting the dignity of those they serve. An all volunteer based organization raising awareness and feeding the hungry each and every day. Brother Benno’s is the reminder that there is no shame in needing help ever. It takes you and I to make community so a portion of January tickets for all FTSF concerts, CD’s and merchandise sales will benefit and provide for those in need.  Thank you for being of service………

Soup, Soap, Hugs, Hope = Unconditional Love
In service, love and gratitude,


Monday, January 10, 2011

A Thank you to our sponsors...from Vallie

Hi Friends,
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, love in my heart and gratitude for my life. I started thinking about sponsorship and life and community and well…
Sponsorship means many things, simply it’s a form of backing, funding, aid, finance protection and support and as I reflect on the holidays and our CD release event I realize how sponsorship shows up for Feeding The Soul Foundation. Our mission is creative generosity and a lot of people ask us what this means well here is an example. 

I personally can’t write a check for $5000.00 or even $500.00 dollars to a good cause. I’m sure some of you could but for me abundance shows up differently. I or we still write the checks to organizations but out of a communal contribution. We have a concert with a cause, a party for a purpose or a night of acknowledgement and everyone gains. You get to be part of a great show or event and with your dollars we contribute to the musicians to support the arts and the lucky recipient with our dollars. We all win!  
Together we feed the hungry, empower young musicians, race for the cure, free slaves, create safe homes, fight disease, support others, help Haiti, acknowledge love, supply kids for school and feed souls.

Another example was December 18th CD release, Feeding the Soul couldn’t pay for a venue or 23 musicians, production, sound, lights, pay for permits and insurance, buy food, alcohol, supplies, buy a tent 30 x 60 make that two tents because of rain or serve hot coffee and chai, take photos and promote this event and produce a CD by myself or even with the three ladies behind Feeding the Soul Foundation. But as a community and a community of enrolled drivers we can. The end result is an amazing, magical, life changing for some of us evening, full of joy, hope, love, music food, spirits and laughter.

All the Musicians
West Coast Coffee Roasters
The Rogers Group
All Volunteers 
All Ticket purchasers past, present and future

We are so blessed to be in a community with you and together we can be the change we want to see in the world. As a mater of fact we already are. Happy 2011

In gratitude and love~