Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February - A month of giving to our furry friends

Helen Woodward Animal Center...Creating a Humane World for Animals and People.
Vallie and I took a tour of the Helen Woodward Animal Center on January 20th. It was a special day for me being that it would have been my mother's 89th birthday and knowing how much she loved animals (cats in particular) it just seemed like the perfect thing to do on her day.

We met with 2 amazing women of the center...Renee and Nedra. I was super nervous because I tend to tear up around cute animal faces. However, what they do at the Helen Woodward Animal Center is much more than I had anticipated. I did some research on them...but actually BEING there and seeing all the different programs...wow!!! I was speechless...and yes I cried...but more so tears of happiness for all the positive things they do for our furry friends.

At the center, located in the hills of Rancho Sante Fe, children and adults with special needs can take part in the therapeutic horseback-riding program...people from animal centers all around the world come to their conferences, and the center hosts camps for children to learn compassion and kindness through animals. (Apparently now-a-days children are desensitized to these feelings...wow!) These are just a few of the programs there...my personal favorite AniMeals.

The AniMeals program provides free pet food for dogs and cats of the elderly and disabled. This was started by a clever lady a while back who saw that the elderly who participate in the Meals on Wheels program would rather feed their hungry pets the food before feeding themselves. THAT is how much we love our pets! It's so great that the center has paired up with Meals on Wheels to give both the elderly and their pets a full belly. Sometimes pets are all the elderly have and they bring them so much joy, companionship and a responsibility. I know this because my 91 year old father has a kitty named Thomas...and they are the best of friends. :)

Soooo after our wonderful tour of cats, dogs, horses (large and mini), tortoises, and goats we were inspired to have a portion of our February events go to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. We're also donating 50% of our CDs sales for February to them as well. Annnnd...if you come to a show, please bring a can (or 10) of Whiskas, Friskies and Pedigree food for both dogs and cats for their AniMeals program. We will have a bin all month long at Jitters...so stop in and get a treat...while leaving a treat for the AniMeals.

When I asked where the money will go Renee replied "To the adoptions." The center takes in any animal that is without a home and sometimes that includes nursing them back to their perfection. Monies are always needed in the adoption program.

There are beautiful cats, kittens, pups and dogs there that would love a home so please spread the word of this amazing center and join us in February as we contribute to the Helen Woodward Animal Center and our furry faced friends.
2/5 - Parker Ainsworth & Jessie Payo at Jitters
2/12 - Carlos Olmeda & Jessica Bell at Jitters

2/26 - Alysse Fischer & Kellen Malloy at Jitters

Thank you to Nedra & Renee for the work they do!
Thank you to Parker, Jessie, Carlos, Jessica, Alysee & Kellen for sharing their talent to help contribute to our animal friends
Thank YOU for being a part of our journey in creative generosity!
In love & contribution,