Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Angel Faces & Our Birthday Show!

About a year ago I heard of this wonderful foundation that provides healing retreats and ongoing support for adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries. I was instantly inspired. It's funny how once something is brought to your attention it suddenly shows up everywhere you look. I began hearing about Angel Faces everywhere! Then when I researching them even more I discovered their home base was just a few blocks from me in Encinitas! Ahhhh...the pieces fit so nicely.

Founded in 2003, Angel Faces was created to transform the lives of adolescent girls with severe, permanent facial burns and disfigurements. The Founder/CEO, Lesia Cartelli, endured a serious burn injury over 50% of her face and body at age 9 from a natural gas explosion at her Grandparents. She has personally experienced the challenges these ladies face.

Angel Faces Retreats are held once a year in Southern California for girls ages 11-19....and they come from all over the US and occasionally from Mexico, Canada and Europe. Seven days of tools to help with self-cofidence, self-image, bullying and all the while embracing their true beauty! They are now accepting applications for their June 2012 retreat!

I love the whole concept of giving these beautiful girls space to be themselves annnd learning skills to highlight the true beauty inside and out.

Once we presented this foundation to the rest of the committee (after tears of joy) it seemed only natural to have them be our birthday beneficiary! We will be raising scholarships March 24th at our Birthday Event for their next retreat.
Thank you Angel Faces for touching our hearts with compassion and kindness....and soooooo much inspiration!

2011 Retreat
Please visit Angel Faces site to see how you can help!

And yes, I said BIRTHDAY EVENT!!!
That's right friends! Feeding the Soul is turning 2 and we're ready to celebrate with YOU!
This will be our 40th event in 2 years. Yep. We're just that crazy. And we just can't wait to do more...

Please join us for music, laughter, treats annnnnd cake as we celebrate being 2!

In love & contribution,
Melissa, Cat and Vallie

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