Sunday, December 25, 2011

KFTS Radio Show + Gratitude = Us

We're still on a natural high from our FTSF Variety show last Saturday, December 17th.
When we started the process of creating the event we had no idea what it would look like.
We knew it was time to celebrate. The KFTS Variety Show was our 39th event and it was time to bring together musicians, food, foundations and friends that have been supporting us for the first time or the thirty-ninth time....yes indeed, it was time to celebrate.

And it looked a little something like this...

Words cannot explain the feelings Cat, Vallie & I have the day after an event. Happiness, bitter sweet sorrow, excitement, inspiration, love...well, I guess those are just a few...but mostly gratitude. We're grateful that we can coordinate an event that brings all of us together in laughter, music, food and celebration.
We couldn't do any of this without YOU friends - old and new - so from the bottom of our hearts to the top of our souls....THANK YOU for showing up and supporting musicians, restaurants, venues, artists, locals, worthy foundations and Feeding the Soul.

Happy Holidays from our soul to yours,
Cat, Vallie and Mel

View some photos by Natalie Warr Photography here.

Thank you to our sponsors!!!
Harney's Sushi, Oceanside
Neuroscience Institute Performing Arts Program
Redfearn & Associates
Olive PR Solutions
SuperFood Drive
Jitters Coffee Pub, Oceanside
West Coast Coffee
Bitchin' Sauce
California Avocado Grill, Escondido
Nika Water
Anita's, Oceanside
Flying Pig, Oceanside
Twisted Oak Winery, Murphy's California

Thank you to our amazing photo and video volunteers who make us look good...
Natalie Warr Photography
Boyte Creative

And a HUUUUUUGE thank you to our iPods...and the sound tracks to our hearts...
Broadway West - where kids explore the love of the arts
Voices of Prayze
Bob Taylor, Andy Powers & Todd Cooper
Jack Tempchin
The Makepeace Brothers
Jessie Payo
Raining Jane
Our hilllllarious host Justin Willman