Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic ~ by Betsy Denhart

Hi friends...yeah, we're excited to bring on our first guest blogger...our dear friend Betsy. Take it away Betsy....


I am a big believer in everyday magic.  It’s partly because I don’t want to try to understand how things work, but mostly because it’s so reassuring to just have faith.
Plus it’s a fun way to look at the world. 

I mean, no one can argue that iPods aren’t magic.  But take simpler things, too.  I don’t care how a washing machine works, and I don’t want to think about it.  You put in dirty clothes.  You take out clean clothes. Magic!  And airplanes?!  You get on the plane in San Diego and they close the door.  You read a book, sleep a little, try to figure out what’s in the sandwich they give you (or sell you).  Then they open the door and there’sNew York!  Total magic!

That’s why I was unsure about volunteering with Feeding the Soul.  Their events are really, truly magical.  Just the way I like things.  Buy a ticket, show up, have a wonderful experience, go home feeling better about the world and the people in it.  If I volunteered, and learned what goes on behind the scenes, would that ruin the illusion?  That’s a lot give up….

In the end, I had no choice.  I ate so many peanut butter cookies at the volunteer recruitment meeting that I had to help out, or suffer the ill effects of karmic deficit spending.

So once again I followed my little sister’s lead, and signed up to help out with merchandise sales at the concert benefiting The Junior Seau Foundation. 

I arrived early enough to experience the last bits of set-up.  I saw the pastries in their metal pans, before they donned their frilly white paper shells or got cut into elegant shapes.  I saw the more experienced volunteers pulling everything together, checking last minute details.  I saw the musicians as mortals.  And I saw myself as part of it.

And guess what?  It didn’t ruin anything!  It just expanded the whole event for me, talking to so many people who were also experiencing the soul-feeding that goes on at these things.  Everyone was so enthusiastic that even brief conversations felt like real connections.  Networking for the soul!

The illusion was dispelled, yes, because it turns out there is no illusion.  Just magic.

Come join us Sunday, July 22nd @ Whole Foods Market in Encinitas for a FREEEEE Concert!

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